Standing Up for Our Kings & Communities #PhilandoCastile #AltonSterling

Black Women please continue to Stand Up, as we are the backbones of our families and communities! We need each other even more now, and must keep our families in tact and love on & uplift our Kings as much as we can!

We love you, Queens.

So they had us celebrate the Fourth of July singing & screaming “God Bless America” all weekend only to start our week like this… 

From morning news to breaking evening reports, we have been inundated with traumatizing images of a back to back massacre on the hearts and psyche of African-Americans. Who else is fed up of the societal castration of our Black Men with graphics horrific enough to cause PTSD to viewers while sending fearful oppressive subliminal messages?


This is what we as #BlackMothers are up against and fear everyday! Not only do we have to worry about our husbands, sons, nephews, etc.being gunned down by racist “hit men in blue uniforms.”

We have to now think about ourselves and daughters, mothers, aunts, etc. being violently attacked or killed by anyone of them who feel Our lives mean nothing. They continue their attempts, killing us with blatant dehumanization & traumatizing subliminal media tactics.

Please join our CALL TO ACTION live chats this weekend as we sound off in the name of HEALING from the disturbing images and realities of this week. 

We can’t just standby so stand up with us online for real talk & strategic action towards peace and healing. 

Below are links to connect with us online. You can also use hashtag #BWSU to find us on social media. 

Our live Periscope broadcasts schedule & replays will be posted soon. Connect & express yourselves on our ‘scopes.

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In closing, we had to bless you with this poignant post shared on our BWSU Facebook.

Fb, please help me understand if it can be understood… Why is it that our government, city, state and locals, don’t understand that we are, mentally and emotionally tired of our husband’s, son’s, nephew’s, and any and every other  black male in our families being shot down like DOGS… They are loved just as much as WHITE males…. Why is it that folk fail to believe that we LOVE THE BLACK MALES IN OUR FAMILIES JUST AS MUCH AS ANY OTHER CULTURE AND OR RACE… a mother is a mother, a wife is a wife, doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, yellow or green,… as a matter of fact I believe we love our black males even Harder because of all the BS they’re up against… When a black women  gives birth to a male child that’s when all her worries begin… PEOPLE, BLACK AND WHITE please let’s come together on saving our children…. Black men I’m talking to you mostly START RESPECTING YOURSELF, YOUR WOMEN AND YOUR CHILDREN… if you don’t no one else will… It all begins WITH US… WE as a people… THE FIRST WAY TO START IS BY PULLING UP YOUR FUCKING PANTS… come on now… Love yourself so that  maybe the kkk in blue, the HIT MEN IN BLUE can stop killing u off…. Please, please, please… This goes to all my fb family and friends… Let’s start today…  I pray that NOTHING like this happens to my SON OR GRANDSON because only GOD KNOWS their’s not enough hit men in blue uniforms to stop me… I’m going to leave it at that… I pray for all of our black males… And most importantly BLACK MEN PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP KILLING EACH OTHER… God bless

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God Bless you family!

Peace, Love & Protection,

Black Women Stand Up

BlackWomenStandUp.com Commits to Helping 100 Women Take the Entrepreneurial Leap

Will you be one of the 100?  In this climate of uncertainty in the work force, it is time for women as well as men to take their future in their own hands and look at becoming an Entrepreneur.  We are not saying, walk into your job tomorrow and give your two week notice, but we are saying there is a way for you to do what you are currently doing and begin your journey into life as an Entrepreneur.  BlackWomenStandUp.com wants to help 100 women earn extra income and work towards their financial freedom by taking the #EntrepreneurialLeap and become an Entrepreneur through an industry that has allowed countless individuals to become business owners, and to create a life they may have never imagined.


The #EntrepreneurialLeap is for women who are interested in starting a business but not sure what kind or how to, women who are looking for a career change or in transition, women who are of a particular age and having a hard time finding employment, women who know that the Entrepreneur lifestyle is for them but have no idea on a business concept, women who are looking for a network of support and the right mentor, women who are fed up with their current job or situation, or you are the woman who have been letting fear stop you in your tracks and can’t seem to move forward.  If this is YOU, then we want to work with you, and are committed to creating a clear road-map to assist in your success.  But it all starts with a DECISION…

Network Marketing Opportunities 

For more information or to get started, click on the appropriate link below. These links will help you make an informed decision on if  you will leap for and towards your freedom.

Health/Wellness Home-Base Business

Are you ready to make a Total Life Change!  Let BWSU help you create a healthy life from the inside out with an array of health products ranging from the famously widespread Iaso (Detox) Tea, which has helped countless men and women lose weight while detoxing their kidneys, liver and colon from a cellular level.


Nutra Burst a  powerful liquid vitamin with a 98% cellular absorption!


Visit Stand 4 Health to learn more about or purchase these amazing products, or to become an Independent Business Owner so you can start making money right away!

Healthy Coffee 

Click the following link for more information: The Coffee That Pays  Watch the video at top of page, if interested email BlackWomenStandUp@gmail.com with #EntrepreneurialLeap in Subject Line.

To Get Started Visit: CoCo World Coffee  and Click on Start a Business.

Media Steaming & Broadcast Communications

Learn about the V Stream Company and/or Opportunity click here: V Stream Media

Opportunity Video click here: Opportunity Video

Remember, everything you do in life you are taking a chance, so why not take a chance on you!  If you make the decision to win, email BlackWomenStandUp@gmail.com with #EntrepreneurialLeap in the subject line.

Peace, Love and to your Success:)

#BWSU #EntrepreneurialLeap

Fitness and Life Tips for Women on the Go with #BWSU

BlackWomenStandUp.com  Co-Founders, T. Braxton and A. Lutchman have been all over social media with their health and fitness tips for women on the go!  With their fun and carefree delivery, these ladies give easy to implement tips for individuals who are looking to lead a more health centered life, the health conscious individual can also benefit from these tips.  T. Braxton has been doing daily New York City #CentralParkMoments where she shares quick 15 second SnapChats with her word or message of the day surrounding health/wellness and or fitness.  BWSU is on SnapChat and or Instagram username @BlackWomenStandUp.  Or you can find Co-Founder A. Lutchman poolside or hanging out in the hot tub giving self-care and/or meditation tips to a live audience on Periscope username @BlkWomenStandUp.

These nature loving Queens can be found doing live Periscopes walking through trails, basking in the sunshine absorbing Vitamin D, all the while keeping their viewers engaged with a message of empowerment or ways to improve their overall health and well-being.

Check out a #CentralParkMoments with T. Braxton:

Connect with Black Women Stand Up (BWSU) across social media using hashtag #BWSU and don’t forget to like their FB page under Black Women Stand Up, along with following on Twitter and Periscope @BlkWomenStandUp, Instagram and SnapChat @BlackWomenStandUp.

Find out how you can join BWSU’s Health and Wellness Initiative to help women lead a life of total health while making money in the process, if you are in the New York Tri-State area visit http://bit.ly/stand4healthtlc.  If in the Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia area (DMV) visit http://bit.ly/trans4ming.

Peace and Love.

“Love Your Va-Jay-Jay Day” April 10th, 2016

BWSU FB Updated Cover (1)

Stand with us as we work to save lives and celebrate survivors by encouraging women to #CheckUpOnIt and stay on top of their health to remain cancer free.
“Love Your Va-Jay-Jay Day” is an online, social media awareness campaign and BlackWomenStandUp.com’s Health Initiative.

April is also National Minority Health Month. Black women and women of color are being affected by breast and GYN cancers at alarming rates, not to mention we rarely hear about the five types of GYN cancers. Ladies, spread the word, and make sure you don’t forget to #CheckUpOnIt.  If you want to be a part of the movement, email us a pic or video of YOU holding your #CheckUpOnIt sign, honor a woman who is a survivor of breast or one of the GYN cancers by adding their picture to our “Survivors Wall” or memorialize a love one who has passed on by adding them to our “Memorial Wall,”  email BlackWomenStandUp@gmail.com with #CheckUpOnIt, Survivors Wall or Memorial Wall in the subject line.

Ways to #CheckUpOnIt:

Schedule that GYN appointment

Perform a self-breast exam

Talk with your family about your medical history as it relates to cancer

Get informed about statistics, tips, prevention an early detection strategies

5 types

Peace and Love,

#BWSU Co-Founders – Tiffany & Alexandra



BWSU’s “Goddess Spotlight” Dr. Mom Pt. 3

Black Women Stand Up (BWSU)’s Co-Founder, Tiffany Braxton did a live online interview with Dr. Doris Higginbottom, affectionately known as #DrMom, BWSU’s first “Goddess Spotlight” Feature, below is the conclusion of the three part interview. Check out #DrMom as she delves into how she found love again, answers viewer’s questions and expands on how she took a chance on” HERSELF,” through education, hard work and a desire for more!

You can also view Ep. 1 – Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 via the links below.

Pt. 2: Dr. Mom Interview Ep. 1- Pt. 2

Pt. 1: Meet Dr. Mom BWSU “Goddess Spotlight” Feature

Thank you again to Dr. Doris Higginbottom for sharing her empowering story with us.  It is our desire to inspire and  empower women to become their best self through the examples of our “Goddess Spotlight” Features.

Peace and Love,

Tiffany and Alexandra – BWSU Co-Founders

p.s. – If you know of a Black Woman or Woman of Color that you feel would make a great feature for our “Goddess Spotlight” Series, send an email to: Contact@BlackWomenStandUp.com

Visit Our Black Women Stand Up TV Blab Channel at https://blab.im/BlkWomenStandUp



BWSU’s “Goddess Spotlight” Dr. Mom Pt. 2

Black Women Stand Up.com’s Co-Founder, Tiffany Braxton interviewed Dr. Doris Higginbottom (Dr. Mom) for the site’s first “Goddess Spotlight” feature, below is the second part of a three part video interview with Dr. Mom.

In this episode Dr. Mom delves into the start of her educational journey towards her PhD, as an older woman with nine children returning to school.  She  shares what kept her motivated and inspired to keep going.  You can check out Pt. 2 of Ep. 1 below. Please comment and share because you never know whom you may inspire to become their best self after watching!  Thank you.

Join us on FB as well, and be a part of the  Black Women Stand Up FB Community:)  Tell a friend to tell a friend!

Peace and Love.

Black Women Stand Up’s “Goddess Spotlight”…Meet Dr. Mom

Happy Wednesday! Meet our first Black Women Stand Up (BWSU)’s Goddess Spotlight, Dr. Doris Bloom-Higginbottom whom we affectionately nicknamed Dr. Mom. Check out BWSU’s video interview with Dr. Mom which took place Saturday, January 9, 2016 live on http://Blab.im. Below is part one of our three-part interview.

Dr. Mom, mother of nine who was a teen mom, high-school dropout and widowed, defied all odds and let nothing stand in her way as she worked to create a better life for her and her family. In December of 2014 at 67 years of age, Doris Bloom-Higginbottom graduated with her PhD from PVAMU a Texas University.


Video Interview

Dr. Mom’s daughter, Kimberly Bloom, had this to say about her Mom “This woman is my living hero, my game changer, a conqueror, and a warrior who won’t give up on hers’!” Pictured below, Kim and Dr. Mom


Graduation Day – It’s a Family Affair…

Graduation Day
Graduation Day

“The Nine”

12498859_10208422328976109_1931236291_n (1)

Visit our Feature Page here: https://blackwomenstandup.com/business-feature/ to learn more about our Goddess Spotlight Feature, and to find out how you can nominate someone who you think needs to be in the spotlight!

Peace and Love,
BWSU Family:)

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Military forces have rescued 241 women and children kept captive by Boko Haram.  Nigeria’s military said on Wednesday they had freed the prisoners following a raid on two camps controlled by the radical Islamist terrorist group, CNN reports. Some girls who previously escaped Boko Haram, and who have bravely returned to school. These are not the rescued schoolgirls found to be pregnant. (Photo: Getty […]

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