Black Women Stand Up (BWSU) #GoddessSpotlight Feature – Meet Meta Mereday

This Month’s #GoddessSpotlight Feature is a 911 First Responder and Veterans Advocate…Meet Meta Mereday and hear all about the work she is doing for the Veteran Population in Nassau and Suffolk Counties here in New York and beyond.

Black Women Stand Up is extremely excited to feature Meta this month as she is doing so much to help and to bring attention to the many needs and plight of our Nation’s Veterans. Video Below:

#BWSU #GoddessSpotlight Feature August 2019 Commits to Helping 1000 Women Take the Entrepreneurial Leap

Will you be one of the 1000?  In this climate of uncertainty in the work force, it is time for women as well as men to take their future in their own hands and look at becoming an Entrepreneur.  We are not saying, walk into your job tomorrow and give your two week notice, but we are saying there is a way for you to do what you are currently doing and begin your journey into life as an Entrepreneur.  For some being an Entrepreneur is not a goal, and that is fine, so  your focus should be on finding a way to create an additional income stream. wants to help 1000 women earn extra income this year and work towards their financial freedom by taking the #EntrepreneurialLeap…Become an Entrepreneur through an industry that has allowed countless individuals to become business owners, and to create a life they may have never imagined.


The #EntrepreneurialLeap is for women who are…

  • Interested in starting a business but not sure what kind or how to
  • Women who are looking for a career change or that are in transition
  • Women who are of a particular age and having a hard time finding employment
  • Women who know that the Entrepreneur lifestyle is for them but have no idea on a business concept
  • Moms who want to work from home
  • Women who are looking for a network of support and the right mentors
  • Women who are fed up with their current job or situation
  • You are the woman who have been letting fear stop you in your tracks and can’t seem to move forward

If this is YOU, then we want to work with you, and are committed to creating a clear road-map to assist in your success.  But it all starts with a DECISION…

Work From Home Opportunities 

For more information or to get started, click on the appropriate link below. These links will help you make an informed decision on if  you will leap for and towards your freedom.

Health/Wellness Home-Base Business

Are you ready to make a Total Life Change!  Let BWSU help you create a healthy life from the inside out with an array of health products ranging from the famously widespread Iaso (Detox) Tea, which has helped countless men and women lose weight while detoxing their kidneys, liver and colon from a cellular level.


Nutra Burst a  powerful liquid vitamin with a 98% cellular absorption!


Visit Stand 4 Health to learn more about or to purchase these amazing products; or  to become an Independent Business Owner so you can start making money right away!


Learn, like so many others, on how to profit from the largest financial market in the world…


For more information Visit: Stand4Wealth.  Email: with #EntrepreneurialLeap in Subject Line.

Remember, everything you do in life you are taking a chance, so why not take a chance on you!  If you make the decision to win, email with #EntrepreneurialLeap in the subject line.

Peace, Love and to your Success:)

#BWSU #EntrepreneurialLeap

Let It Go…

What will You decide to let go in order to go to your next level?


Join #BWSU for an Upcoming Divine Feminine Full Moon Healing Meditation With #TheRealMothaNature

Taking place in New York York City inside the Conservatory Garden in #CentralPark with the @RealMothaNature.


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A post shared by Motha Nature (@realmothanature) on’s #GoddessSpotlight…Hip-Hop Journalist Dee Barnes

#BWSU is shining the light on this Goddess, We Stand With and For #DeeBarnes and look forward to her #BounceBack!

Watching her interview this morning on the Wendy Williams Show brought tears to my eyes as she recounted the story of being physically attacked by Hip-Hop Artist Dr. Dre. years ago. We commend you for Standing Up for yourself and finding the courage to press charges in order to get some sort of justice for your ordeal. “Peace and love to you on your journey.” #BWSU

Today is #LoveYourVaJayJay And Breasts Day,’s Online #Gynecological and Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative…

Gone But Never Forgotten…

Today We Celebrate and Honor The Life of My #NowAngel – My Mother, Coretha Braxton…Who Transitioned On from Here, Six Years Ago This Day, April 10th 2013.

She Lost Her Physical Life Fighting an Agressive Form of #UterineCancer

#LoveYourVaJayJay and Breast Day #BlackWomenStandUp #BWSU ‘s #GynecolgicalCancer #GYNcancer & #BreastCancer Awareness Initiative was Birthed, and is in Memory of My Mom and the Many Other Black Women, and Women of Color Who Have Lost Their Lives to Any one of the Five Types of #GynecologicalCancers and or #BreastCancer 
We Stand for All Women! We Also Celebrate Those Beautiful Queens Who Have Stood Up and Won Their Fight With #Cancer and Are Here to Tell Their Story!

Check Out Our Cancer Memorial and Survivor Walls on Our Blog & Honor A Women in Your Life…You can find all of the details to submit here.

Don’t Forget to #CheckUpOnIt to Stay on Top of Your Health and to Remain Cancer Free or for #EarlyDetection which #SavesLives

With Love and Honor
Tiffany Braxton – Loving Daughter

Women Rock…

Check out this Instagram Post starring the Iconic – Shelia E, along with the Great – Angela Bassett, and Everyone’s Favorite “Tell It Like It Is – Queen – Tasha Smith!

Love, Love Love❤ #WomensMonth #BWSU

Stormy Wellington Declares Today 5/11/18 As #GirlSuperHeroDay – Meet Our “Goddess Spotlight”

Today our #BlackWomenStandUp #BWSU “Goddess Spotlight” is Entrepreneur Extraordinaire Ms. Stormy Wellington. is spotlighting this Visionary who declared today 5/11/18 as #GirlSuperHero Day inspiring women globally to support another woman owned business, or another woman in general who you admire and believe is an Everyday #GirlSuperHero.  So today we Honor and Celebrate #StormyWellington.

We are asking for all Queens to spread the word, please share and most importantly tag a #GirlSuperHero in the Comments Section below, and let’s start an avalanche of love, support and celebration of women everywhere!

To learn more about Stormy visit her Instagram Page @CoachStormy
















Photos of Stormy Wellington Courtesy of Google Images.

April 10th 2018’s #LoveYourVaJayJayDay #GYNCancer Awareness launched #LoveYourVaJayJayDay on April 10th, 2014 a year after Co-Founder, Tiffany Braxton lost her mother to an aggressive form of #UterineCancer.  Since then, it has been a mission for the ladies to bring awareness to the five types of #GYNCancers with Uterine Cancer being one of them.  Love-Your-Va-Jay-Jay Day is #BWSU’s Cancer Awareness Initiative and on this day the Hashtag #CheckUpOnIt is used throughout Social Media to remind women to stay on top of their health and #CheckUpOnIt to remain cancer free or for early detection.

We invite you to spread the word, and if you are a woman of color who is a survivor of any of the five types of GYN cancers and or #BreastCancer we want to celebrate you on our #SurvivorsWall, or maybe you want to honor a loved on who is a survivor.  We also have our #MemorialWall to honor and celebrate the lives of women of color who have passed on from one of the types of gyn or breast cancers.

Don’t forget to #CheckUpOnIt

April 10th 2018#BWSU#LoveYourVajayjayday#GYNCancerAwareness#Checkuponit#yourhealthmattersDo You know the 5 types of #gyn #cancersvisit...

5 types

#YourHealthMatters #CheckUpOnIt #LoveYourVaJayJayDay #CancerAwarenessInitiative

Peace and Love.