Black Women Stand Up Launches New #SuperPower Tee-Shirt Line…

Black Women Stand Up Launched a new tee-shirt line for the start of 2021, the #BWSU #SuperPower Tee. The purpose of the tees are to remind Black Women and Black Men about the power of their melanin, and its beauty. Black people come in various shades, and many of us have grown up with all kinds of emotions and memories, good and bad surrounding our skin tone. The #SuperPower Tee is that reinforcement for us as Black people to embrace the power of our skin, and stand in and on that power!

Check them out below, images are original works of art by Artist – Kraig Blue. For more information on Kraig visit

#BSWU #SuperPower Tee
Men #SuperPower Tee

To Purchase the Women #SuperPower Tees Visit…

To Purchase the Men #SuperPower Tees Visit…

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#BWSU Family

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