Survivors Wall

We started Love Your Va-Jay-Jay Day, a Gynecological/Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative on April 10, 2014, the reasoning behind this initiative is to bring awareness to women who are cancer free, give them information and support in order to remain that way, celebrate those who have survived this horrible disease and to encourage women to #CheckUpOnIt by staying on top of their health; and to honor the lives of  women who have lost their battle and are no longer with us in the physical. created this Survivors Wall, to celebrate the many women of color who have fought the fight against cancer and won!  They are Survivors and our (S)heroes.   Here is where and how we celebrate them. Your courage, strength, determination and victory will inspire manyGod Bless You All! Would you like to celebrate a survivor in your life?  Send in their pic, with relevant details via email to and we’ll add them to our survivors Wall.

The five types of gynecological cancers are: Uterine, Cervical, Ovarian, Vulva & Vagina

Iconic, Award-Winning Actress – Pam Grier – Survivor of Cervical Cancer – diagnosed in 1988 FOXY & FABULOUS Pam Grier (Photo courtesy of PCAF)

Tony Nominated Actress/Broadway Star – Valisia LeKae Survivor of Ovarian Cancer – diagnosed December 2013


Karen Braxton – Bronx, New York – Breast Cancer Survivor


Ida McCray – Bronx, New York – Breast Cancer Survivor

I would like to thank God for my mom who is a Breast Cancer Survivor. She has beat it twice and I’m so grateful to still have her here 73 years young. My mom is a walking miracle and my inspiration, to God be all the glory. ‪#‎CANCER‬‬ AWARENESS
Shelia McCray (Daughter)

Robbin Frazier – Bronx, New York – Breast Cancer Survivor

Robbin was diagnosed in October of 2009. Her treatment consisted of radiation and surgery during October and November of that year…She has been clear since then! #CancerFree


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