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Black Women Stand Up #GoddessSpotlight – Meet Tammie Lilly of KRC Tax and Business Services…

It’s #FinancialFriday and our #GoddessSpotlight is Tammie Lilly Owner of KRC Tax and Business Services in Texas. Tax season is upon us, and for Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, along with everyday working people, handling taxes is a must and is on most everyone’s to-do-list at this time. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Tammie if you need information or help surrounding taxes and business.

Tammie provides income tax services for individual and businesses. She also assists those who have tax issues that haven’t filed in years, along with basic bookkeeping services. We are a global world connected by technology, so I am sure location is not an issue if you are in need of her services. BlackWomenStandUp.com supports and encourages support of Black Businesses.

You can find Tammie on Twitter at @KRC_TaxServices on Instagram IG: @TammieMorrisLilly and her Business FB Page https://www.facebook.com/krctaxacctsvcs

Tammie Lilly is also an Author, Check out her new book …

Please like and share. Thank you, from Black Women Stand Up – #BlackBusiness Is Our Business

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