Entrepreneurial Leap

What is the Entrepreneurial Leap, and why is it relevant?

The #EntrepreneurialLeap is a challenge as well as an opportunity.  It is our challenge to help 100 women discover entrepreneurship this year through Network Marketing (owning a Home-Based Business), and it is an opportunity for You or someone You know to earn extra income, become an Entrepreneur (with the help of mentors and other business owners), build wealth and a legacy while canceling debt.

Is the Entrepreneurial Leap only for women?

As a Movement dedicated to empowering women in all areas of their lives, this is one way for BWSU to honor that commitment by helping women to create an additional income stream through the power of Network Marketing.  But anyone can take advantage of this opportunity if their goal is to earn extra income, learn more about building a business as an Entrepreneur, or simply want to cancel debt and build wealth with a winning team and company, then the #EntrepreneurialLeap is for You!

Network Marketing Opportunities 

For more information or to get started, click on the appropriate link below.

Health/Wellness Home-Base Business

Click the following link for more information: The Coffee That Pays  Watch the video at top of page, if interested email BlackWomenStandUp@gmail.com with #EntrepreneurialLeap in Subject Line.

To Get Started Visit: CoCo World Coffee  and Click on Start a Business.

Media Steaming & Broadcast Communications

Learn about the V Stream Company and/or Opportunity click here: V Stream Media

Opportunity Video click here: Opportunity Video