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#LoveLounge Feature – Meet Mr. & Mrs. Kevin and Valerie Smalls…Celebrating 24 Years of Marriage #LoveAlert

Today we are celebrating and recognizing the 24 Year marriage of Kevin and Valerie Smalls of New Winsor, New York. This amazing couple recently celebrated their 24th year of marriage on May 23rd 2021! They are a shining example of love #BlackLove, commitment to making their marriage work and consistent growth. They raised three beautiful children two daughters and a son. The Smalls keep God, love and fun at the center of their marriage. Thank you for being shining examples and an inspiration to us all!

Fun Fact:

Kevin and Valerie met through a mutual friend at the Jazz Mobile, a long-time, Harlem Event that use to take place weekly at Grant’s Tomb.

Meet The Smalls…

Kevin and Valerie on their wedding day at the Bronx, County Court House.

Kevin and Valerie Over The 24 Years of their being together. Fun times!

Thank you to Kevin and Valerie for sharing their love with us, and allowing to Feature and Celebrate their 24 Years of Marriage! We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness. Thanks for inspiring and being a shining example of #BlackLove.

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