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Black Women Stand Up

Empowering Women | Standing up for Love

The Movement: Resuscitating Black Love…

Resuscitate – verb (used with object), -tat⋅ed, -tat⋅ing.
to revive from apparent death or from unconsciousness; also: revitalize 

We are tired of Black Women getting a bad rap; The Angry Black Woman Syndrome does NOT apply to us all.  There are many who are fed up with all the unnecessary heartache associated with obtaining Pure, Unadulterated Black LOVE. There are those who are in loving relationships and marriages who inspire and give hope to others; we celebrate you! We stand for Love, Truth, Honesty and other related principles.

We acknowledge LOVE includes all cultures and ethnicities. However, we feel it’s important to start at home. Black women have been suffering for a very long time. Broken families… broken relationships… broken communities. But still we rise and are the back bones of not only our families but also society.

Beautiful Goddesses of all different hues, you have found the online safe haven of credible and sensible information specifically gathered to build up and lift up as many of our precious “God-Sistas” as possible; while also celebrating and acknowledging Sistas who are doing amazing things. THIS IS OUR CAUSE. THIS IS OUR MISSION. We seek to Empower Women in every area of their lives…THIS IS OUR MOVEMENT!

The Women Behind #BlackWomenStandUp

Tiffany Braxton
Tiffany Braxton

Alexandra Lutchman


  1. Please see my info I am on a nationwide campaign to educate black women on investing in real estate for financial freedom ,and to live their dreams. you can contact me at 972-379-9052
    Thewholesalediva youtube///gmail


  2. My attitude was recently described, by a white female, coworker as that of an “angry black woman”, after my reaction to ignorant callous white people, “I didn’t think that would be offensive” comments. Don’t get me wrong, I have relationships with white people that I treasure, nonetheless, I’m happy to have stumbled acorss, “Black Women Stand Up.”


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