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Miss USA 2019 – Cheslie Kryst Jumps From New York City High-Rise Where She Lived, to Her Death…

Rest In Peace to Queen Cheslie Kryst, 2019 Miss USA Winner, one of five Black Women who took home crowns that year. This is extremely sad and tragic, we send Condolences and Love to Her Family during this most difficult time. We Pray Her Soul finds Peace, Mourn the Loss of Her Life and Look for the Lesson, which may help someone else. Thank You for your Contribution to this World Cheslie, during your time here. Cheslie was 30 years old, from North Carolina and lived in New York City, Times Square area. She was a Correspondent on the Entertainment News Show Extra, an Attorney and Model.

#BlackWomenStandUp – Let’s all work to keep our mental and physical body in check, and reach out to others in our lives – CHECK-IN!

Peace and Love,


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