Wednesday Words

#WednesdayWords – Quote

“As Black Women we live our lives as if certain things are OK, when it’s NOT OK.” ~ Iyanla Vanzant

This statement rang true to me, because we see it play out in the lives of women we know or possibly in our own lives. We also saw this last night on the premiere of the new #BET original movie #BeingMaryJane starring Gabrielle Union. Mary Jane Paul, a successful, educated, single, Black woman who owned a beautiful home, had a fulfilling career and a not so perfect love life. She was the ONE in her family that everyone relied on…raise your hand if you can relate to that.

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Basically, there are many women walking around as if everything is ok, all the while carrying the weight of ___________ on their shoulders (you fill in the blank). Then ask yourself, is this okay or Am I really okay?

Meditate on that.

Peace and Love,
BWSU Family

Ladies, remember to Guard Your Heart Like You Would Your Pocketbook.

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