BWSU’s “Goddess Spotlight” Dr. Mom Pt. 2

Black Women Stand’s Co-Founder, Tiffany Braxton interviewed Dr. Doris Higginbottom (Dr. Mom) for the site’s first “Goddess Spotlight” feature, below is the second part of a three part video interview with Dr. Mom.

In this episode Dr. Mom delves into the start of her educational journey towards her PhD, as an older woman with nine children returning to school.  She  shares what kept her motivated and inspired to keep going.  You can check out Pt. 2 of Ep. 1 below. Please comment and share because you never know whom you may inspire to become their best self after watching!  Thank you.

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Peace and Love.

#WednesdayWords – From Ex KTVA Alaska Reporter, Charlo Greene Who Quit Live on Air

BWSU recently posted the infamous video of Charlo Greene, Owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club who abruptly quit her news job live on air the other day.  The video has gone viral and everyone is talking about Charlo Greene and her cause of legalizing medical marijuana and decriminalizing it, or about the way she actually quit…either way #BlackWomenStandUp stands in support of Charlo for her courageous spirit of standing up for what she believes in no matter what, and for putting in the actual work to make her dream happen.

Update: Check out the video below of Charlo, and hear what she had to say on why she quit.

Peace and Love.

#BWSU Family

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