Making Exercise Fun Again…

Exercise doesn’t have to be grueling and looked at as a chore, it can be fun and exciting; you choose. I fell in love with weighted hula hooping years ago, and even purchased one. I hadn’t used my hoop in a long time and last month a neighbor told me about a hula hoop class on Saturdays in our community center. I finally made it this past Saturday, it was great! The Instructor provided the hoops, and she was awesome! Check her out on Instagram: @hula_hoop_fit_366

Check Out My Video Below: We Don’t Own The Rights To The Music In The Video…

Hula Hoop Fun! #Stand4Health

To All My Health and Wellness Enthusiasts, Click The Link Below for Information on my Discount Health and Wellness Shopping Club…


Peace and Love ❤️

#BlackWomenStandUp #BWSU

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