#BET’s “Being Mary Jane” Returns Tonight…

The network’s season premiere airs at 10pm EST.  Who’s tuning in?

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Peace and Love.
#BWSU Family

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FLOTUS Sits Down With Steve Harvey

Currently watching Steve Harvey, his new talk show on the NBC network – 3PM EST, channel 4 here in New York City. I am loving our FLOTUS, and as usual she is dressed to the nines, with a creme colored pants suit…unless my television colors are off and it is a different color, lol:) Either way she looks fabulous, and I am ever so proud everytime I see her on television. It feels great to have a FLOTUS who looks like me, one that I can relate to – a real, down-to-earth Black Woman!

Steve is doing an awesome job interviewing her, and she is so comfortable and always open and honest. He has been asking her questions about when they first met, first date, kiss and about their love in general. The love she has for her husband is evident. She talked about President Barack’s character, work ethic and the fact that he turned down all types of high-profile job offers to work with voter registration and things that mattered.

The producers did a wonderful job, they had pictures of the POTUS and FLOTUS on their wedding day, a pic of where they first lived and some other really cool pics from the past.

Our FLOTUS is truly amazing, Thank you for always making Black Women look good, giving us hope, inspiration and reminding us that BLACK LOVE exists and is one of the most beautiful and precious gifts. We have always been about family and we must get back to that. When we all take responsibility for each other, there is nothing we can not accomplish as a PEOPLE!

Tamar and Vince – Black Love & Power

Watching the premeire of Tamar and Vince Show ( #T&V ). Tamar is the youngest of the Braxton Family girls, and her husband Vince is a high profiled Manager in the music industry – manager to Lady GaGa and others.

On tonight’s episode there was a scene with the couple having dinner at home with close friends, who were made up of primarily married couples. It felt so good to see beautiful black power couples seated around the table, bonded by friendship and marriage.

Television is comprised of mostly reality tv, so it is my hope that we will see more shows that reflect love, marriage and committment amongst people of color.

So far so good, Tamar is a bit much…but I’ll be watching.

Peace & Love,
BWSU Family

X Factor Contestant Panda – The Real Deal!

I was so impressed while watching X Factor – Austin, Texas auditions when Ms. Panda Ross stepped on stage.  I was moved by her presence, she was full of spunk, lots of smiles and just so real.  I enjoyed her as she expressed her love for show Creator and Judge, Simon Cowell.  She made it very clear that she was there for Simon.  The fact that she signed herself out of the hospital the day before to make sure she got her opportunity to audition, and claim her love for Simon – her Baby Daddy as she affectionately calls him:)  Panda was in the hospital for seven days diagnosed with pneumonia.

Panda belted out a soulful Sam Cooke song “Bring it on Home To Me” and moved not only the judges, but the entire audience along with the millions of viewers like me, tuning in at home…the girl can sing!  She even had a funny story about how she got her name; her mother was in jail when she was born and her cellmate was white, and they came up with Panda – hence the black and white.  After rocking the house, Panda was so excited that she had to be rushed back to the hospital.


What inspired me to write about Panda is her drive and confidence.  I was inspired by the fact that she did not let being in the hospital stop her from going after her DREAM…and for that Black Women Stand Up (BWSU) salutes the bubbly, full-size, diva – Ms. Panda Ross:)  Check her out below in the video from her  X Factor debut.

<br”>http://www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/xtqa8u?autoPlay=1″></iframe><br /><a href=”http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xtqa8u_panda-ross-42-auditions-austin-tx-the-x-factor-usa-2012_tv” target=”_blank”>Panda Ross 42. Auditions Austin TX ~ The X…</a> <i>by <a href=”http://www.dailymotion.com/HumanSlinky” target=”_blank”>HumanSlinky</a></i>