Black Women Entertainment

#BET’s “Being Mary Jane” Returns Tonight…

The network’s season premiere airs at 10pm EST.  Who’s tuning in?

Join #BlackWomenStandUp over at our FB page as we’ll be interacting with our FB Community, join the conversation!

If you haven’t had an opportunity to drop by, this is the perfect chance…oh and while you are there please make sure to hit LIKE:)  Thanks in advance.

We will be commenting, posing questions and just catching up – see you there!

Peace and Love.
#BWSU Family

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  1. I missed it; again..Haven’t yet tuned in to watch it..(But heard /read about it before it first premiered) Is it a good show? There aren’t many shows on T.V..(aka boob tube..) that I watch…Though I’m waiting on the new shows of the Luther series..They don’t make enough of those !


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