Standing Up for Our Kings & Communities #PhilandoCastile #AltonSterling

Standing by isn't an option so STAND UP with us online this weekend for REAL talk, facts and strategic ACTION towards peace and healing on https://blab.im/ and Periscope @BlkWomenStandUp #bwsu

Black Women please continue to Stand Up, as we are the backbones of our families and communities! We need each other even more now, and must keep our families in tact and love on & uplift our Kings as much as we can!

We love you, Queens.

So they had us celebrate the Fourth of July singing & screaming “God Bless America” all weekend only to start our week like this… 

From morning news to breaking evening reports, we have been inundated with traumatizing images of a back to back massacre on the hearts and psyche of African-Americans. Who else is fed up of the societal castration of our Black Men with graphics horrific enough to cause PTSD to viewers while sending fearful oppressive subliminal messages?


This is what we as #BlackMothers are up against and fear everyday! Not only do we have to worry about our husbands, sons, nephews, etc.being gunned down by racist “hit men in blue uniforms.”

We have to now think about ourselves and daughters, mothers, aunts, etc. being violently attacked or killed by anyone of them who feel Our lives mean nothing. They continue their attempts, killing us with blatant dehumanization & traumatizing subliminal media tactics.

Please join our CALL TO ACTION live chats this weekend as we sound off in the name of HEALING from the disturbing images and realities of this week. 

We can’t just standby so stand up with us online for real talk & strategic action towards peace and healing. 

Below are links to connect with us online. You can also use hashtag #BWSU to find us on social media. 

Our live Periscope broadcasts schedule & replays will be posted soon. Connect & express yourselves on our ‘scopes.

Find & Follow us on Periscope: @BlkWomenStandUp



In closing, we had to bless you with this poignant post shared on our BWSU Facebook.

Fb, please help me understand if it can be understood… Why is it that our government, city, state and locals, don’t understand that we are, mentally and emotionally tired of our husband’s, son’s, nephew’s, and any and every other  black male in our families being shot down like DOGS… They are loved just as much as WHITE males…. Why is it that folk fail to believe that we LOVE THE BLACK MALES IN OUR FAMILIES JUST AS MUCH AS ANY OTHER CULTURE AND OR RACE… a mother is a mother, a wife is a wife, doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, yellow or green,… as a matter of fact I believe we love our black males even Harder because of all the BS they’re up against… When a black women  gives birth to a male child that’s when all her worries begin… PEOPLE, BLACK AND WHITE please let’s come together on saving our children…. Black men I’m talking to you mostly START RESPECTING YOURSELF, YOUR WOMEN AND YOUR CHILDREN… if you don’t no one else will… It all begins WITH US… WE as a people… THE FIRST WAY TO START IS BY PULLING UP YOUR FUCKING PANTS… come on now… Love yourself so that  maybe the kkk in blue, the HIT MEN IN BLUE can stop killing u off…. Please, please, please… This goes to all my fb family and friends… Let’s start today…  I pray that NOTHING like this happens to my SON OR GRANDSON because only GOD KNOWS their’s not enough hit men in blue uniforms to stop me… I’m going to leave it at that… I pray for all of our black males… And most importantly BLACK MEN PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP KILLING EACH OTHER… God bless

Click Here for original post

God Bless you family!

Peace, Love & Protection,

Black Women Stand Up

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