Business Wednesday Words

Wednesday Words: Women Helping Women #EntrepreneurialLeap

Yesterday launched the #EntrepreneurialLeap Challenge designed to assist 100 Women become Entrepreneurs through business ownership and leveraging the power of network marketing.  The goal, put the women in front of the right product, with proven successful mentors, and a crystal clear action plan to help them first, earn extra income as they learn and earn their way towards financial freedom.  The great thing about taking the #EntrepreneurialLeap with is that the women we choose to help will have choices as to how they wish to proceed in making their entrepreneurial dream a reality, it may be through assisting them in uncovering their true purpose or using their unique abilities (God given talents) to serve and empower others, either way you have women dedicated to seeing you win.

We want women to take their life in their own hands and take the leap towards living a life on purpose. Fear will always be there but nothing defeats fear like action, you must act in spite of…

Opportunity #1 click here: Tiffany Braxton Organo Profile – Check out the video at the top of the page “The Coffee That Pays” if you would like more information or to set up an appointment to discuss further after viewing follow instructions below.  Thank you.

Take the #EntrepreneurialLeap today!  Email: with #EntrepreneurialLeap in the Subject Line.

Peace and Love,

#BWSU #WednesdayWords

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