Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Central Park Walk

This past Sunday, October 18th in Central Park, New York City, women and men showed up in record numbers to walk in the Making Strides in Central Park Walk Against Breast Cancer.  There were many there walking in honor of a loved one who lost their fight against breast cancer, or to celebrate and walk in solidarity with a survivor in their life. Whatever ones’ reason for participating, it was great to see so many standing up against this horrible disease that has affected so many families.

Below are pictures from the walk that a few of our supporters shared with the community.

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Black Women Stand Up is committed to #StandingUp and bringing awareness to #BreastCancer through our Gynecological and Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative Love Your Va-Jay-Jay Day, where we encourage women to stay on top of their health, empower themselves and to #CheckUpOnIt to remain cancer free or for early detection.

Peace and Love,


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