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Ms. Veteran America 2014 – The Woman Beyond the Uniform

On Sunday, October 12, 2014 – People from all over will come together to find out who will be crowned Ms. Veteran America 2014!  This annual event is a fundraiser in support of  housing for women veterans and their children.  To think about these women sacrificing their life for our country, and to come home and have to deal with homelessness is unacceptable.  This event is a reminder that our women vets are more than just women in uniforms, but they are mothers, daughters, wives and sisters.  Lets stand in support of our Sisters who put their lives on the line for our freedoms.  If you are in the Virginia area, support this event by going to to purchase tickets or to donate to this worthy cause if you are not in the area.








 first heard of this event on Twitter from one of our followers who is also a 2014 Final Contestant…Meet Tawanda (Tee) Hanible.  To learn more about Tee Hanible visit her Twitter page @T_4MsVeteran14. To meet all of the contestants visit the event official homepage at












#BlackWomenStandUp in support of women veterans!

Peace and Love,
#BWSU Family

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