Reporter Quits On-Air – Check Out Her Jaw Dropping Exit…

Wow, what a way to make an exit…from her job that is, which happened to be during her live segment on KTVA in Alaska.  This reporter keeps it all the way real!  View below, and please share your thoughts on her actions.

#BlackWomenStandUp  #BWSU 

I was completely shocked at how she made her exit and by  her words.  But there was a part of me that was proud of her courageousness in standing up for her choices and beliefs.  As long as she can live with whatever repercussions that may come from this, kudos to her!


    1. It’s marijuana. She started an Indiegogo for her club before she went on the air. It has been funded. She totally planned it all out. There’s a bill up and she’s been fighting for the legalization using her reports etc, i but had been hiding it because she could get fired.

      She quit on the air and the station apologized and said they fired her. Kind of hard to fire someone who publicly quit. Her choice of words could have helped her cause more, i as in if she hadn’t sworn on the air, i but kudos to her. All the local journalists in Fairbanks were all walking in the pit and exclaiming the same thing yesterday. It was hilarious.


      1. Thanks for sharing @Cabin Goddess. She definitely had a plan, and went for it; her goal was to get people talking about her fight for legalization. And it apparently worked, every talk show, news outlet etc. was talking about it and showing the video.

        Peace and Love.


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