And So There Must Come an End

This blog post touched me and I had to share. Thank you to the IdealisticRebel Blog for sharing this which allowed me to learn about Charlotte Kitley and take the opportunity read/share her last blog post.

May God continue to bless and keep her husband and two children.
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Kindness Blog

Charlotte Kitley has blogged on The Huffington Post UK since 2013 and sadly passed away on Tuesday 16 September from bowel cancer. She wrote one final post that she wished to share with all of her readers.

Everyone should read her beautiful words of wisdom.

Charlotte Kitley

I’ve always been a good planner. I like lists and tick sheets, to-do notes and objectives. I’m very good at starting things, but honestly, I am also easily bored and quickly lose interest once the original excitement passes.

I haven’t had the luxury of being allowed to be bored of having cancer. It isn’t something you can just give up if you don’t fancy doing it that day. There isn’t a switch you can chose to turn off one day from the next. At least not for me. From my first day as a cancer patient, I have attended every test, scan and appointment. I…

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