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#WednesdayWords – 4 Relationship Tips to Live By…


My morning ritual includes tuning into my favorite news show #NewsOneNow on the TV One Network.  A few mornings back Host, Roland Martin featured Love/Sex & Relationship Guru, LaDawn Black, who gave what I thought were 4 straightforward relationship tips for daters to live by.

Part of’s mission is to resuscitate & promote love, so we decided to share the 4 tips to help you navigate the sometimes rocky waters that come with dating.  Check them out below:

4 Straightforward Relationship Tips for Smooth Sailing…

  1. Get Honest
  2. Define the End Goal
  3. Start How you Want to Finish
  4. Follow the Actions…What they do is more important that what they say!

What are your thoughts on the above 4, what would you add to this list?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

To learn more about LaDawn Black visit her Twitter Page @TeaseByLaDawn.


Peace and Love,

BWSU Family


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