Health News Launches “Love Your Va-Jay-Jay Day” in Recognition of National Cancer Control Month…

For Immediate Release Launches

Love Your Va-Jay-Jay Day

April 10, 2014

A Cancer Awareness Initiative Encouraging Women to #CheckUpOnIt

In Recognition of National Cancer Control & National Minority Health Month


New York, NY- April 9, 2014- On Thursday, April 10th 2014 in recognition of National Cancer Control and National Minority Health Month, is launching Love Your Va-Jay-Jay Day.  A Cancer Awareness Initiative focusing on Uterine Cancer and other gynecological cancers that affect women.   Love Your Va-Jay-Jay Day is a call-to-action encouraging women to stay on top of their health and support the initiative by using the hash tag #CheckUpOnIt in response to the day.  Visit  on April 10th for information surrounding cancer prevention, and to share what you will be doing to #CheckUpOnIt, which will be an annual initiative.

The goal is to encourage all women who are cancer free to #CheckUpOnit by making an appointment with their GYN, perform self-breast exams, discuss their family medical history and receive life-saving tips relevant to cancer awareness and prevention.  Moreover Love Your Va-Jay-Jay Day celebrates the lives of cancer survivors as well as honoring the women that have lost their lives to this vicious disease.  Help save a life by spreading the word to your family, friends and social networks by asking them how they plan to #CheckUpOnIt. Co-founder Tiffany Braxton had this to say about Love Your Va-Jay-Jay Day, “this is personal to me because I lost my mother, Coretha Braxton to Uterine Cancer on April 10, 2013, and I wanted to honor her.  This is my way of keeping her legacy alive and helping to save lives in the process.” will have a page dedicated to those who have passed on, and for those who are survivors; if you want to honor a love one please send in their photograph with their name, along with your name and message to (BWSU) is the vision of Tiffany Braxton and Alexandra Lutchman, it is a Movement/Community designed to Empower Women in all areas of their lives and to Stand-Up for Love.  BWSU is currently running a T-Shirt Fundraiser Campaign in support of their work surrounding cancer awareness, for more information or to purchase a t-shirt please visit


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  1. Excellent tribute to your Mom! I’m a firm believer its going to take more & more women to stand UP & spread knowledge /insight/information/education to keep women’s health issues on the front burner..Ironic because I just said that today to someone else..I’ll be posting soon on this very important topic matter also..On a personal note…2 thumbs UP @Love your va-jay-jay day!


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