Black Marriage Marriage Wednesday Words


Many people downplay this gift called Marriage for many reasons: what they’ve seen their parents go thru, other family members, legal stuff, fear of that severe commitment, and TV doesn’t help bring a positive outlook on it. However, for me, I Love it. I have an old soul. I respect what marriage is about, what it symbolizes, and growing as one in the eyes of GOD. Waking up to the same woman for the remainder of my days, would be no problem. For in my heart, I will know it is to be. Through the ups and downs, I will remain in her heart, give her all of me, and leave her with no doubts that my Love for her is authentic. True Love is meant for me, and marriage is the destination. I look forward to putting a ring on it! That’s #winning.

Post written by Kasino Marxs

I saw this post on Google+ and I couldn’t resist re-posting. These words were so fitting for #WednesdayWords, and what this blog stands for, that I had to share! How refreshing to read these words from a Man who is looking forward to actually putting a ring on it:)

Peace and Love,
BWSU Family

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