Viola Davis on why she stopped wearing wigs…

There is much to discuss when it comes to Black Women and hair, which we will get into another time. But I came across this video on Youtube and wanted to share with my #BWSU Community.

Check out the clip here with Viola Davis:

Ladies, Embrace your Authentic-Self. Black Women come in all shapes and sizes, some with curly hair and some with straight…It’s all Beautiful!


  1. I liked the part were she did it during the Oscar’s event and not being seen someplace else. That was great. Wish more women would do it.


  2. Yes, YES, yes..I so dig Viola Davis..Even before she embraced who she was..What a statement she made in front of the entire world by ditching the wigs for the most part…The message IS Black IS Beautiful with our OWN hair..You go Viola GO..


      1. Yes! And I bet she has no idea how many other women may have gotten the strength to take the plunge to do the same…My own mother recently went natural this past year..She IS a beautiful woman with or without her hair relaxed..But it took till almost 73 yrs old for her to take the plunge! It is such a highly personal topic for us Black women @ OUR hair..Deep topic indeed. I keep saying I’m going to write on it & just can’t yet find all of the words..Probably because I’ve not fully transitioned over from relaxers my dang self!

        Recently, a Sista at work went natural…Different grain of hair than my Mom’s & she is struggling with finding styles..Or so it seems from the outside…It takes work because she never learned how to deal with her own natural hair..Some days it looks better than other days..And some of us just don’t have the courage to do that..Now if I had a couple months I could take OFF from work to learn how to maintain my natural hair? Lollll I’d not be transitioning I’d just take the plunge..We’ve begun to call it the big chop! Because I’ve heard you have to chop all the relaxed hair off..And I’ve grown so used to my long hair I don’t have the guts to do that..Just not ready…So I am transitioning slowly..God only knows how much money I’ve spent on my hair…And that is yet another aspect of it I’d love to write about..WE put tons of money into others hands & not our own communities due to our “hair” issues..OMG I had no reason I was going to write all of this. Loll I do enjoy your blog & the topics you provide..I appreciate 🙂


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