BWSU Feature: Published Author, Crime-Writer – Marguerite Ashton

Meet Crime-Writer, Radio Co-host and Blogger – Marguerite Ashton of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin







Latest work: Self-published fiction – eBook – Burned Bridges





View Official Book Trailer here:

Book Blurb

Newly sober and dating the man of her dreams, Traci Collins is ready to enjoy the good life, until her new best friend, Olivia Durning, confides a dreadful secret far worse than Traci could imagine.

Sealed by a shared bond, and unaware there is more to the secret than what she was told, Collins feels honor bound to protect her friend when a confrontation between Olivia and her childhood tormentor turns deadly.

A mysterious text forces Traci to question Olivia’s actions and re-examine her loyalties. When the answers to Traci’s questions endanger a life she treasures more than her own, she must decide if friendship has a limit. For a bridge once burnt severs ties forever…

Links to purchase books:

Burned Bridges ~ Amazon (US)

Burned Bridges ~Amazon ~ (UK)

Print copy available via: http://www.amazon.com/Burned-Bridges-Crossing-Marguerite-Ashton/dp/1480272310/

Burned Bridges is now on sale for Cyber Monday and can be purchased for $0.99 cents until 11:59pm PST today Monday, November 26, 2012

For more on Marguerite Ashton visit the following links:

Website: http://MargueriteAshton.com

Blog:   Criminal Lines Blog – http://msashtonwriter.com

The Intermittent Musings of Crime Writer Marguerite Ashton

Follow her on Twitter:  http://twitter.com/msashton_writer

Marguerite is also working on a web-based series entitled Bound Together: Pages From the Life of a Crime-Writer…

Bound Together: Pages From the Life of a Crime Writer is an exciting and dramatic show focused on writer Marguerite Ashton while she steals away every possible minute she can to write her upcoming novel, Led By Lies, while balancing a family of seven that includes her husband and five children. As the show progresses and dramatic tension rises the family must pull together to share duties when Marguerite is forced to push harder to meet the busy schedule of a writer.

Check out the show’s trailer here:

BWSU Family would like to take this time to thank Marguerite Ashton for her exceptional work as a fiction writer, it is an honor to highlight her accomplishments and bring to light all that she does within the world of literature.  Please support the work of this Black Goddess as she continues to stand up for her passion of crime-writing.


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