Wednesday Words


What would the world be like if we all LOVE one another through our mess?

Background: I received a text this morning from a really good sista-friend who always sends thought provoking quotes or messages of joy.  She shared a cute story about her little son and his favorite blanket.  He had an accident in bed last night and it got wet.  In spite of it being wet and him saying it was dry, all because he loves it so much and did not want to be seperated from it even though it was not in the best condition.  My sista-friend then raised the question above.  As I thought about it, that is a really deep question and I’m sure a challenge for most of us, IMAGINE…if we all loved one another through our mess:)

Peace and Love,

BWSU Family.

Today’s #WednesdayWords are in the form of a question by Sabrina Dent. Her morning text inspired me to inspire you.

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