#BlackWomenStandUp – When I read this blog post, I knew I needed to share with my BWSU Family. This is such an important issue that we should be having conversations about, please read and share your thoughts. And most importantly – SHARE:)
Peace and Always Love.



A black man (African) told me that he finds black women unattractive because they are ghetto and have a lot of problems.He went further to explain his dislike by noting that he loves white women because they are beautiful and opposite of black women. I was disgusted as I listened to this man who was reared, loved, clothed, protected, supported financially by black people especially the black African womb that gave him life.

I cautioned myself however, sympathetic towards him as I reflect on the source of this black man’s confession of defeat and self hate. This pattern of thinking is common amongst many Africans and people of African descent in the diaspora. They lack self pride and have internalized the general half cooked stories, negative images they see of themselves, read in “history” books, news papers, magazines etc. “Mainstream” media paints black people negatively and gives one sided stories…

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