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First Lady Michelle Obama Stands Up and Stands Out at the 2012 Democratic National Convention

I was in awe as First Lady Michelle Obama graced the stage last night at the #2012DNC.  Not only did she look amazing, but her words were filled with emotion and straight from the heart.

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Our First Lady captured the hearts and minds of viewers from all over the world reminding us how hard her husband has worked, and will continue to work to get our country back on track. She stood up for families, women, mothers, the middle class, the employed and the un-employed. And most importantly she stood up for love…the love of her husband, same-sex love and love of our America.

The respect and admiration our First Lady has for her husband, President Barack Obama is evident in her eyes, smile and words. She spoke eloquently and reminded me of why I love our President and First Lady.  I look forward to them serving our country for another four years, and I am convinced that this November the Victory will be theirs once again!

Whenever I see or hear  our First Lady, I stand a little taller, hold my head up a little higher and feel even more proud to be a Black Woman:)

In case you missed Mrs. Obama’s wonderful speech, or just want to hear it again, here is the video link…Enjoy.

Our First Lady was dressed in a Tracy Reese Original…Simply Beautiful!

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