Black Women Matter…Video

We must continue to #SayHerName #SandraBland along with the many other Black Women and Women of Color who have lost their lives at the hands of police! This is a touching video which highlights these women, and reminds us of the importance of keeping their names and stories alive.

Thank you to #ForHarriet for this video that we all should continue to circulate and bring attention to, Black Women, we need you to keep Standing Up. We are all in the struggle together.
#BlackWomenStandUp #BWSU

Peace and Always Love.

Brutalization of Black Girls

The recent incident that occured in McKinney, Texas with the Black youth at a neighborhood pool party left me completely numb an outraged after seeing the video. Witnessing how a white male police officer responded to those children and manhandled a 15 year old Black girl was so upsetting. His actions were deplorable an unacceptable!

To angered to write about it at the time, I came across this article today which is articulated so well and spoke to my heart, I had to share. This author expressed my feelings, please read, share and comment.

Brutalization of Black Girls.

We must come together and stand up for and protect our young girls of color!

Peace and Love.
#BWSU Family