April 10th 2018 BlackWomenStandUp.com’s #LoveYourVaJayJayDay #GYNCancer Awareness

BlackWomenStandUp.com launched #LoveYourVaJayJayDay on April 10th, 2014 a year after Co-Founder, Tiffany Braxton lost her mother to an aggressive form of #UterineCancer.  Since then, it has been a mission for the ladies to bring awareness to the five types of #GYNCancers with Uterine Cancer being one of them.  Love-Your-Va-Jay-Jay Day is #BWSU’s Cancer Awareness Initiative and on this day the Hashtag #CheckUpOnIt is used throughout Social Media to remind women to stay on top of their health and #CheckUpOnIt to remain cancer free or for early detection.

We invite you to spread the word, and if you are a woman of color who is a survivor of any of the five types of GYN cancers and or #BreastCancer we want to celebrate you on our #SurvivorsWall, or maybe you want to honor a loved on who is a survivor.  We also have our #MemorialWall to honor and celebrate the lives of women of color who have passed on from one of the types of gyn or breast cancers.

Don’t forget to #CheckUpOnIt

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#YourHealthMatters #CheckUpOnIt #LoveYourVaJayJayDay #CancerAwarenessInitiative

Peace and Love.


Meet Jeanetta M. Johnson – Breast Cancer Survivor And Our “Goddess Spotlight” As We Close Out Breast Cancer Awareness Month


October has come to an end, but work towards finding a cure and bringing awareness is ongoing.  We celebrate ALL Women who have won the fight against #BreastCancer and we lift up women like Jeanetta M. Johnson who are Standing Up with a message of hope and inspiration to help other women understand they too can win if diagnosed.

Jeanetta teamed up with Mayvenn Hair and BrightPink.org during #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth 2017 to enlighten women on the symptoms of breast and ovarian cancers, and on the importance of educating themselves so one will know what to look out for.

Remember, BlackWomenStandUp’s – #BWSU #BreastCancerAwareness Hashtag #CheckUpOnIt for the purpose of remaining cancer free and early detection.

Thank you to Jeanetta M. Johnson.

Remember if you would like to Celebrate a Survivor in Your Life on our Survivors’ Wall or Honor a Love one who has passed on from breast cancer on our Memorial Wall for Black Women and Women of Color, feel free to reach out through our Contact Us Page or email Contact@BlackWomenStandUp.com.

Peace and Love.

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“Love Your Va-Jay-Jay Day” April 10th, 2016

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Stand with us as we work to save lives and celebrate survivors by encouraging women to #CheckUpOnIt and stay on top of their health to remain cancer free.
“Love Your Va-Jay-Jay Day” is an online, social media awareness campaign and BlackWomenStandUp.com’s Health Initiative.

April is also National Minority Health Month. Black women and women of color are being affected by breast and GYN cancers at alarming rates, not to mention we rarely hear about the five types of GYN cancers. Ladies, spread the word, and make sure you don’t forget to #CheckUpOnIt.  If you want to be a part of the movement, email us a pic or video of YOU holding your #CheckUpOnIt sign, honor a woman who is a survivor of breast or one of the GYN cancers by adding their picture to our “Survivors Wall” or memorialize a love one who has passed on by adding them to our “Memorial Wall,”  email BlackWomenStandUp@gmail.com with #CheckUpOnIt, Survivors Wall or Memorial Wall in the subject line.

Ways to #CheckUpOnIt:

Schedule that GYN appointment

Perform a self-breast exam

Talk with your family about your medical history as it relates to cancer

Get informed about statistics, tips, prevention an early detection strategies

5 types

Peace and Love,

#BWSU Co-Founders – Tiffany & Alexandra


BlackWomenStandUp.com Continues its Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative…

Through its Cancer Memorial and Survivor Walls, Black Women Stand Up honors the lives of black women and women of color who have transitioned on from breast cancer, and celebrates those who are standing strong as survivors. The walls allow loved ones to submit a photo with a message in honor of their family member or friend and helps to bring awareness to this disease which continues to affect black women at disproportionate rates.

We will continue our efforts as we stand for a world free from cancer! Please take some time to visit our Walls to see the faces of the beautiful Queens who are being celebrated and honored.

Here are the direct links for each wall:



Son Honors Mom

We are currently planning our 2016 Gynecological and Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative Event and Online Campaign “Love Your Va-Jay-Jay-Day.” We are in need of items for gift bags and/or monetary donations. Nothing like the power of collaboration, so join us in our efforts and lets make a difference! Visit our Donate Page today:) Thank you.


Peace and Love,
#BWSU Family

BlackWomenStandUp.com Launches “Love Your Va-Jay-Jay Day” in Recognition of National Cancer Control Month…

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BlackWomenStandUp.com Launches

Love Your Va-Jay-Jay Day

April 10, 2014

A Cancer Awareness Initiative Encouraging Women to #CheckUpOnIt

In Recognition of National Cancer Control & National Minority Health Month


New York, NY- April 9, 2014- On Thursday, April 10th 2014 in recognition of National Cancer Control and National Minority Health Month, BlackWomenStandUp.com is launching Love Your Va-Jay-Jay Day.  A Cancer Awareness Initiative focusing on Uterine Cancer and other gynecological cancers that affect women.   Love Your Va-Jay-Jay Day is a call-to-action encouraging women to stay on top of their health and support the initiative by using the hash tag #CheckUpOnIt in response to the day.  Visit http://BlackWomenStandUp.com  on April 10th for information surrounding cancer prevention, and to share what you will be doing to #CheckUpOnIt, which will be an annual initiative.

The goal is to encourage all women who are cancer free to #CheckUpOnit by making an appointment with their GYN, perform self-breast exams, discuss their family medical history and receive life-saving tips relevant to cancer awareness and prevention.  Moreover Love Your Va-Jay-Jay Day celebrates the lives of cancer survivors as well as honoring the women that have lost their lives to this vicious disease.  Help save a life by spreading the word to your family, friends and social networks by asking them how they plan to #CheckUpOnIt.

BlackWomenStandUp.com Co-founder Tiffany Braxton had this to say about Love Your Va-Jay-Jay Day, “this is personal to me because I lost my mother, Coretha Braxton to Uterine Cancer on April 10, 2013, and I wanted to honor her.  This is my way of keeping her legacy alive and helping to save lives in the process.”  BlackWomenStandUp.com will have a page dedicated to those who have passed on, and for those who are survivors; if you want to honor a love one please send in their photograph with their name, along with your name and message to BWSU@MidnightManagement.com.


BlackWomenStandUp.com (BWSU) is the vision of Tiffany Braxton and Alexandra Lutchman, it is a Movement/Community designed to Empower Women in all areas of their lives and to Stand-Up for Love.  BWSU is currently running a T-Shirt Fundraiser Campaign in support of their work surrounding cancer awareness, for more information or to purchase a t-shirt please visit http://Booster.com/BlackWomenStandUp.


For more information or media inquiries contact Sherice at BWSU@MidnightManagement.com.