Black Women Matter…Video

We must continue to #SayHerName #SandraBland along with the many other Black Women and Women of Color who have lost their lives at the hands of police! This is a touching video which highlights these women, and reminds us of the importance of keeping their names and stories alive.

Thank you to #ForHarriet for this video that we all should continue to circulate and bring attention to, Black Women, we need you to keep Standing Up. We are all in the struggle together.
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Peace and Always Love.

#WednesdayWords – From Ex KTVA Alaska Reporter, Charlo Greene Who Quit Live on Air

BWSU recently posted the infamous video of Charlo Greene, Owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club who abruptly quit her news job live on air the other day.  The video has gone viral and everyone is talking about Charlo Greene and her cause of legalizing medical marijuana and decriminalizing it, or about the way she actually quit…either way #BlackWomenStandUp stands in support of Charlo for her courageous spirit of standing up for what she believes in no matter what, and for putting in the actual work to make her dream happen.

Update: Check out the video below of Charlo, and hear what she had to say on why she quit.

Peace and Love.

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PSA: Reminder September is Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month

September is the national awareness month for  gynecological cancers, and ovarian cancer is usually  the most stand out cancer associated with this month  an is represented by the Teal Ribbon.  Black Women Stand Up continues its Cancer Awareness Initiative focused on GYN & Breast Cancers.  Our Love Your Va-Jay-Jay Day Initiative was started this past April on the 10th of the month, where we bring attention to GYN/Breast cancers with a focus on Uterine Cancer, encouraging women to #CheckUpOnIt.

September is right around the six month mark from April so we urge women to continue to be proactive with regards to their health. Remember early detection is the key.

Ladies we encourage you to #CheckUpOnIt and stay healthy!




GYN Cancers Overview below with each representative ribbon color.

5 types


Please share with your networks, sharing is caring and can help save a life.

Peace and Love.

#BWSU Family

The BWSU Love Lounge…Where Love is Celebrated!

Here at BWSU our motto is Empowering Women and Standing Up for Love, our Love Lounge is where we celebrate LOVE through inspiring photos of couples who are doing the damn thing!

We seek to inspire those waiting for and believing in love, and to showcase shining examples of Black Love at it’s finest.  Join Us:)

Meet our Featured Couple of the Day…

Kenny and Tanaisha Etienne of New York City, Married – August 1, 2010

Black Love
Black Love