Meet Jeanetta M. Johnson – Breast Cancer Survivor And Our “Goddess Spotlight” As We Close Out Breast Cancer Awareness Month


October has come to an end, but work towards finding a cure and bringing awareness is ongoing.  We celebrate ALL Women who have won the fight against #BreastCancer and we lift up women like Jeanetta M. Johnson who are Standing Up with a message of hope and inspiration to help other women understand they too can win if diagnosed.

Jeanetta teamed up with Mayvenn Hair and during #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth 2017 to enlighten women on the symptoms of breast and ovarian cancers, and on the importance of educating themselves so one will know what to look out for.

Remember, BlackWomenStandUp’s – #BWSU #BreastCancerAwareness Hashtag #CheckUpOnIt for the purpose of remaining cancer free and early detection.

Thank you to Jeanetta M. Johnson.

Remember if you would like to Celebrate a Survivor in Your Life on our Survivors’ Wall or Honor a Love one who has passed on from breast cancer on our Memorial Wall for Black Women and Women of Color, feel free to reach out through our Contact Us Page or email

Peace and Love.

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#WednesdayWords – Poetry by Miss Haze

This sister is deep, check her out as she speaks truth surrounding race, injustice and #BlackLives – Let her words sink in as she takes you on a real talk journey.

“Alligators” #WednesdayWords by Miss Haze

Peace and Always Love.


Marriage Rates Declining For Blacks

This is an article that was posted on Huff Post – Black Voices website by Stephanie Hallett.  It was an interesting read and definitely thought provoking.  Check it out and please share your thoughts.

Here is the official link to the article, please read some of the comments that were posted after.  Happy Reading:)