Debra Harris-Perry of MSNBC Dedicates Segment of Weekend Show to Tiana Parker

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We just posted the story of 7 year old Tiana Parker who was taken out of school because the charter school she attended would not let her wear her beautiful natural dreadlocks…which I affectionately call Locs. Above is the link to the open letter to Tiana from the MSNBC News Host.

This was so touching, #BlackWomanStandUp Salutes Debra Harris-Perry for using her platform to inspire, encourage and to #StandUP to an issue such as this, which affects black women and girls daily.

Melissa Harris-Perry

Peace and Love.
The BWSU Family

Tulsa school sends girl home over hair

Tulsa school sends girl home over hair.

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I was outraged after seeing the video and hearing this story last week. When I originally read the story they were asking for words of support and encouragement to be sent to 7 year old Tiana Parker.

Black Women Stand Up #BWSU is in full support of Tiana Parker. We want to create a video message showing our love and letting her know that we are inspired by her story, and ask the same from our community. We would love if you would create a 30 sec. video of yourself sending a shout of encouragement to Tiana, don’t forget to include your name, city and state in the video. Email to no later than Friday, September 13th by 5:00pm EST. Thank you.

Updates and details to come.

Peace and Love.
BWSU Family