#WednesdayWords…F%ck it, I’m Over Fear!

Today’s #WednesdayWords are on FEAR, I was blown away by these words and felt as if they were speaking directly to me.   I hope these words touch someone and help them face as well as move past their Fears.  Enjoy, and allow these words to assist you in reaching new heights – soar like an eagle:)

Seeing Miracles Every Day – A Course in Miracles wrote:

Face some fear today that you know is holding you back, be it major or minor.  It may be a conversation you need to have, or deciding to take charge of a situation.  Examine why you are afraid or hesitant.  Ask God, Spirit, the Power of the Universe to help you release that fear and see the possibilities beyond it.  Fear is ego.  It imprisons us as it seeks to keep its own power over us.  Love negates fear.  When we allow God’s pure love to shine on us, without judgment on ourselves, our fears begin to go away, and we see and feel our own strength.  Let heaven shower adoration on you to release one fear or negative thought today, so that you can be lighter and brighter. (Sherri Lane)

Peace and Love,

The BWSU Family