Watch “Why Weaves Are Detrimental To The Psychology Of Black Wmn & Children?” on YouTube

This Brother is speaking truth & dropping some jewels, ladies pay attention.

Natural & Loving it!

#BlackWomenStandUp #BWSU

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Debra Harris-Perry of MSNBC Dedicates Segment of Weekend Show to Tiana Parker

Click link directly above for video and full story. Please read and share, thank you.

We just posted the story of 7 year old Tiana Parker who was taken out of school because the charter school she attended would not let her wear her beautiful natural dreadlocks…which I affectionately call Locs. Above is the link to the open letter to Tiana from the MSNBC News Host.

This was so touching, #BlackWomanStandUp Salutes Debra Harris-Perry for using her platform to inspire, encourage and to #StandUP to an issue such as this, which affects black women and girls daily.

Melissa Harris-Perry

Peace and Love.
The BWSU Family

Viola Davis on why she stopped wearing wigs…

There is much to discuss when it comes to Black Women and hair, which we will get into another time. But I came across this video on Youtube and wanted to share with my #BWSU Community.

Check out the clip here with Viola Davis:

Ladies, Embrace your Authentic-Self. Black Women come in all shapes and sizes, some with curly hair and some with straight…It’s all Beautiful!