Commits to Helping 100 Women Take the Entrepreneurial Leap

Will you be one of the 100?  In this climate of uncertainty in the work force, it is time for women as well as men to take their future in their own hands and look at becoming an Entrepreneur.  We are not saying, walk into your job tomorrow and give your two week notice, but we are saying there is a way for you to do what you are currently doing and begin your journey into life as an Entrepreneur. wants to help 100 women earn extra income and work towards their financial freedom by taking the #EntrepreneurialLeap and become an Entrepreneur through an industry that has allowed countless individuals to become business owners, and to create a life they may have never imagined.


The #EntrepreneurialLeap is for women who are interested in starting a business but not sure what kind or how to, women who are looking for a career change or in transition, women who are of a particular age and having a hard time finding employment, women who know that the Entrepreneur lifestyle is for them but have no idea on a business concept, moms who want to work from home, women who are looking for a network of support and the right mentor, women who are fed up with their current job or situation, or you are the woman who have been letting fear stop you in your tracks and can’t seem to move forward.  If this is YOU, then we want to work with you, and are committed to creating a clear road-map to assist in your success.  But it all starts with a DECISION…

Network Marketing Opportunities 

For more information or to get started, click on the appropriate link below. These links will help you make an informed decision on if  you will leap for and towards your freedom.

Health/Wellness Home-Base Business

Are you ready to make a Total Life Change!  Let BWSU help you create a healthy life from the inside out with an array of health products ranging from the famously widespread Iaso (Detox) Tea, which has helped countless men and women lose weight while detoxing their kidneys, liver and colon from a cellular level.


Nutra Burst a  powerful liquid vitamin with a 98% cellular absorption!


Visit Stand 4 Health  or StandHealthy to learn more about or purchase these amazing products, or to become an Independent Business Owner so you can start making money right away!

Healthy Coffee 

For more information Visit: CoCo World Coffee  and Click on Opportunity.  Email: with #EntrepreneurialLeap in Subject Line.

Media Steaming & Broadcast Communications

Opportunity Video click here: Opportunity Video

Remember, everything you do in life you are taking a chance, so why not take a chance on you!  If you make the decision to win, email with #EntrepreneurialLeap in the subject line.

Peace, Love and to your Success:)

#BWSU #EntrepreneurialLeap


2 thoughts on “ Commits to Helping 100 Women Take the Entrepreneurial Leap

  1. Hi,
    I also tried to teach people how to make money blogging especially women since there are more women bloggers than men.
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need any Blogging Tips. That’s what I write about.

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